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Aevias Worths is a marketing firm focused on addressing and optimizing the marketing strategies of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Africa.


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We help SMEs & B2B companies implement sustainable revenue programs by combining research, strategy, and execution to generate demand for how buyers consume and buy today. Our approach involves "acquiring or partnering" with your businesses, identifying and solving marketing-related challenges, and ultimately ensuring the long-term success and sustainability of the enterprises by optimizing your "Engine" which in this context refers to your marketing strategies and operations.


Our team is fueled by a diversity of strengths, talents and ambitions. We honor the idiosyncrasies that make us unique and allow one another to bring our whole selves to work because we know that individuality is key to our collective chemistry.


We believe in building deep, human connections. We define success by the depth of these connections; they are what give us meaning and relate us to our work in the collective pursuit of building something great together.


We value mastery not to achieve it, but to pursue it. We cultivate a diverse environment where ingenuity can thrive without bias on a foundation of continuous learning and personal growth.


Change is the only constant in our world, and change means opportunity. We chase this opportunity with energy and optimism by embracing the unknown and inventing a better tomorrow ripe for reinvention.

Go from Revenue Chaos to Revenue Confidence

Our partnership equips you with the measurement infrastructure, research-backed strategies, and expert execution you need to stop the guesswork and start achieving predictable revenue.

Proven programs that drive growth profitably

With less time, budget, and resources than before — you need to make every output count.

Branding + Story Telling90%
Content Creation80%
Online Environment85%
We believe in Long Term Partnership.

What started as a one-man shop has blossomed into a full-service marketing agency that serves lots of companies. Today, we have lots of active clients who have entrusted their markerting success to our team. Change the mindset, Change the strategy, Get better results.

Buyers now prefer to learn, research, and buy through social media, trusted peers, communities, and word-of-mouth. We will help you adapt your revenue programs by:

Aligning your teams on a modern demand strategy and approachal

Researching and presenting opportunities for creating demand

Producing a plan for how to create, capture and convert

A new strategy requires a new measurement model – not what’s easiest to track. This will ensure you can accurately report on your efforts and understand what’s working and what’s not. We will help you with this by:

Infrastructure assessment and gap analysis

Aligning revenue teams on goals and which KPIs to measure performance

Conducting quarterly deep dive performance evaluations

Strategy has to inform tactics, tools, and creative - not the other way around. We are a proactive, revenue-focused partner that builds programs that will drive sustainable pipeline growth. If you’re looking for leads or just someone to do execution work, that’s not us. Here’s what we do:

Identify immediate cost savings + ROI Improvement Plan

Optimize current programs and cut programs that are not performing

Produce a roadmap of programs and initiatives to drive growth

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Every day we take on significant business challenges that increase enterprise value. Some businesses we have partnered with include:

What we do

We want the same thing our partners do: GROWTH. Our experience has shown us that when we align our goals with yours, sparks fly. To get there, we need to understand your business. All of it. With a keen understanding of where you’re at and where you want to be, we can grow together through innovative omnichannel solutions.

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We take a patient, creative and rigorous approach to acqusition, and provide businesses with innovative solutions for growth. Aevias worths powers jobs, fuels local economies and helps to finance what we believe are some of the most important endeavors.

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We have created a differentiated model and built a strong team to lead within an evolving industry. Aevias worths Partnership opens you to all our Networks and utilization of our Engine. We would understand where you are trying to get to and get you there.


We empower you with tools needed to build and finance your businesses as well as drive a more sustainable future. The Aevias worths approach would generate positive , measurable impact at scale while delivering attractive returns.

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